Morning Prayer - Starts Wednesday, March 1, 2023.


Humility, Prayer, Seeking the Lord. These are key to spiritual revival. Prayer changes nations: it transforms the world! Why? Because the central purpose of genuine prayer is that God is glorified; that His Name is praised. 

There's much chatter about Spiritual Revival possibly being poured out in a genuine way among the youth of America. Pray to God that it is a genuine move of the Holy Spirit; Lord knows that now more than ever the godless confusion that pervades society that it is only by God's direct intervention that we might see a new generation turn to God.

What's our role? In part, we can and should be earnestly praying! That's why, beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the Hour for Decision Evangelistic Association will begin a daily weekday time of morning prayer on YouTube.  We pray that you will make it a regular part of your day, whether you join the live stream or watch it after the fact - join us in a regular time of morning prayer for revival and a pervading work of God.

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