Billy Graham's Last Message to America: We Need Spiritual Revival!

Evangelist Billy Graham

Billy Graham's prophetic Last Message to America and the World (HD Quality). “With all my heart, I want to leave you the truth,” confided Billy Graham in 2013, as the departing Evangelist gave his last message for America and the world. “Our country is in great need of a spiritual awakening,” observed Dr. Graham, revealing his heart for God and others as he shared, “there've been times that I've wept as I've gone from city-to-city and I've seen how far people have wandered from God.”

In his final message for America (and the world), Billy Graham shares the steadfast and life-changing truth, that “of all the things I've seen and heard, there's only one message that can change people's lives and hearts – the Cross of Jesus Christ.” It was on his 95th birthday that the Billy Graham Last Message to America documentary was released.

Featuring: Rev. Billy Graham, Lacey Sturm, and Illusionist Jim Munroe. Billy Graham last message to America and 9ththe world is summarized in Dr. Graham’s own words: “I want to tell people about the meaning of the Cross; not the cross that hangs on the wall or around someone's neck but the real Cross of Christ. It's scarred and blood-stained; His was a rugged Cross. I know that many will react to this message, but it is the truth. And, with all my heart, I want to leave you the truth. That He loves you, willing to forgive of all your sins.” 


Was your heart captured by Billy Graham preaching the message of hope, that Jesus died on the Cross for you? If you’d like to learn more about God, visit: To speak by telephone with someone at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) about how you can know God, through Jesus Christ, you may call the Billy Graham Prayer Line, at: 888-388-2683 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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