How to Live for God

How to live for God

How to Live For God Everyday

Living for God means being holy. Being holy means that you are not a part of the evil in the world.

You must be willing to suffer for your faith. Jesus suffered for your sins and for your sake. When you suffer for your faith, you show that you don't want to sin.

Be ready to receive the good things that God gives. If you trust in God, you'll never be disappointed.

People who are right with God receive praise and honor. But people who are wrong with God will not get the same treatment.

If you have a lot of skills, you can use them to teach and preach about the gospel. Others with a lot of talents can heal, cast demons and command mountains to move.

People who are in power should be careful to be fair with others. The devil is the enemy of Christians everywhere.

You need to have a clear mind and not to be proud. You also need to keep your eyes on Jesus. A good way to do this is to walk in fearless obedience.

Become a disciple of Christ. To be a Christian is to give your life to God. You need to be sure that you do what is right and to avoid all sin in your life.

Do what you can to make others happy and to serve them. You can pray and offer your help. Give God praise for everything.

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